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Group of female protesters marching on the road with signboards and smiling. Women holding protest banners and marching outdoors.

Strong roots

Cardiff Women’s Aid grew out of the feminist movement when the first refuges ran by women activists provided the only safe place for women and children who were escaping violence in their own homes. Our founding came as part of the second wave of feminism and the women’s liberation movement, which helped to inform the organisation’s founding mission and values that still hold true today.

As a social justice organisation and one that believes in quality we know that ending violence against women and girls is at the forefront of creating a more equal and safe world for everyone.

We are proud to me members of and actively engaged in the latest iteration of the women's movement that stands wholeheartedly against sexism, mysogyny, racism, homophobia, zenophobia and all the other structural inequalities built into the patriarchal and heterocentric structures that continue to direct the world's resources, set its laws and influence the customs that affect us all.

And still we Rise has a strong resonance for us as an organisation and as individuals and we take strength from our herstory and all those who stand with us against a fair and fear free future.


Women's Centre online

Due to Covid restriction we are delivering all our activities, including our survivor network, solely online using our online platforms.

We are also about to launch our mobile app which will also offer more social connections and access to more information and advice.

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