Our Values And Principles

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 Our Values

We are independent, expert and trusted.

Our work is courageous, creative and empowering.

Our values framework informs not only our work with women and children but also as an organisation and with our relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Our Principles


We consistently strive to honest, genuine and accountable.  Underpinning our organisation is a strong work ethic, grounded in a steadfast adherence to respectful and ethical practice.


We believe we are stronger when we act together forging and enabling connections among individuals to build a community dedicated to our vision and mission. We also believe in working with and being of service to the many communities with whom we work.


We will never forget the power created when individuals work and act together, this is when social change can occur.  We value working respectfully with others toward common goals. We believe we are stronger together and that unified action is essential to increase the impact of our collective work.


We believe that expansive, imaginative thinking and action generate powerful and innovative solutions. We value the time, space and freedom that allow creativity to bloom.


We challenge ourselves individually and organisationally to look past constraints—striving to be our best through consciously taking risks. In the spirit of innovation, we commit to pushing the boundaries of not just what is doable, but what is possible.


We believe that mindfulness supports not only greater healing but also greater opportunities for personal growth and happiness.  As an organisation we use this practice to identify which ideas and aspirations are important and which assumptions limit our growth.

People from different culture and races protest on the street for equal rights - Demonstrators wearing face masks during black lives matter fight campaign - Focus on black woman face
Peaceful protest. Group of feminist women have demonstration for their rights outdoors.

Women's Centre online

Due to Covid restriction we are delivering all our activities, including our survivor network, solely online using our online platforms.

We are also about to launch our mobile app which will also offer more social connections and access to more information and advice.

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