Forms of Violence against Women & Girls

Violence against women and girls has its roots in gender inequality and has been identified as a critical sociocultural problem across the world.

Some of the types of violence and abuse can also affect men and boys, and when we discuss domestic violence any children or young people in the family are also impacted by the abuse.

We have put together some basic information about the types of issues the Women's Centre and its partners can help with. 


Domestic violence/abuse

If you feel scared of your partner it is likely that you are experiencing domestic violence/abuse


Honour based violence (HBV)

Scared of violence or abuse from your family and/or community?


Sexual harrassment

Do people make sexual comment about your appearance, touch you inapporpriately or make sexist comments or joikes?  You may be experieincing sexual harassment.


Rape and Sexual Assault

Has your husband, partner or anyone else force dyou to have sex or forced sexual acts onto you?


Female genital mutilation (FGM)

What to do if you suspect a child may be at risk: how to manage health effects of FGM


Human trafficking and modern day slavery

Has someone forced or tricked you to do something you're not comfortable with, and moved you away from friends of familiy?


Forced Marriage

Feeling pressurised into marrying someone, or feeling you have no say in the decision?

Prostitute talking with client

Prostitution and sex work

Are you feeling trapped in sex work?  Are you using drugs or alcohol to cope or are you being forced or coerced into having sex for money?


Children and young people

Do you ever feel afraid to go home?  Is someone making you do things you don't want to do?  Find out how to get help.

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