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When we said healing starts as soon as you reach out for help, we mean it literally.  Your caseworker has the skills, experience and training to work with you not only on issues of risk and safety, but also on the emotional and psychological impact of what you are experiencing.

Your caseworker will use some of the same techniques with you during your advocacy/support sessions.

Depending on our capacity, you will be referred into our PATH service so that we can work with you more intensely on your psychological and emotional recovery.


Cardiff Women's Aid is the only specialist agency anywhere delivering a ground breaking psychological intervention alongside our crisis IDSVA work.

We were one of the field trial sites for this evidence based and tested intervention which begins to address the deep damage caused by domestic and sexual violence/abuse.

The only 1-2-1 therapy service in the UK for women who have experienced domestic abuse.  This is carried out by IDSVA’s who have been specially trained to deliver the intervention by a Clinical Psychologist.

PATH has been clinically evidenced to be effective in significantly reducing trauma compared to general advocacy. Group work is not always suitable for everyone.

PATH sessions mean women can explore their feelings in a safe environment with their Specialist Psychological Advocate. This can be around depression, anxiety and self-esteem but can explore more deep-rooted issues around childhood experiences, post-traumatic stress and dissociation.

Phoenix group -

Phoenix is a 6 week awareness raising group run by qualified IDSVA’s.

This is an open, rolling group offering flexibility to be able to attend on an informal basis. It will consider the different dynamics of abuse, safety planning in or when leaving the relationship and how to identify abusive relationships in the future.

Many women will not realise their relationship is abusive, particularly if this behaviour has been witnessed through childhood, or if there has been more than one abusive partner or family member.

Phoenix will help women make an informed decision on their current or future relationships in a non-judgemental way.

Counselling service

We have a free couselling service available to anyone who has been affected by domestic or sexual violence/abuse.

Up to 10 sessions are available but unfortunately we do have a short waiting list.

This service is supported by volunteer counsellors who give their time freely to support recovery and healing.


Recovery toolkit -

This is a  closed group for women no longer in the abusive relationship, and is run by Cardiff Women's Aid trained staff, tailored to your needs.

This specifically addresses the emotional effects of domestic abuse. Helping you to regain control of your life by building self-esteem, confidence and assertion

Group work can be a useful way  to build confidence, meet new people and to know others have gone through similar experiences.

Recovery toolkit is a safe place to explore these experiences and the emotional effects that may be impacting on everyday life.

No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may. We must walk the path