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We are a social justice and equality organisation

While we are not able to use our building due to Covid some of these activities are more limited - we are very active on our digital platforms 


The Women's Centre is a lively space dedicated to learning about social issues and creating social change.  Women still face barriers to equality and participation in society.  We believe it's important to address those barriers.

closeup of a young woman outdoors wearing a pink pussycat hat showing a piece of paper in front of her face with the text time is up written in it
People from different culture and races protest on the street for equal rights - Demonstrators wearing face masks during black lives matter fight campaign - Focus on black woman face

We are dedicated to learning about social issues, creating change, and amplifying women’s voices. We offer various opportunities to campaign, volunteer and build awareness.

Cardiff Women’s Aid is deeply rooted in Cardiff, and has been for over 45 years. Built out of the Women’s Movement, we are dedicated to carrying on this legacy. As society and communities change and move along, it is important that we are also constantly growing and evolving. CWA has always been at the frontline of delivering emergency services for women and young people, as well as forefronting education, large scale campaigns and training.



Want to work for change? From volunteering and hosting workshops, to delving deep into our campaigns, we are built by women for women and we would love anything you have to offer. Our volunteers provide crucial support in the role we provide to women. Working for change means helping women find community and friendship, break out of isolation and find self-confidence whilst building their self-esteem.

We offer the opportunity for women to engage in a range of campaigns, activism, education and prevention, and discussions. Our goal is to change the way society thinks, talks and responds to all forms of violence against women.

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As part of the Rise and Take Action campaign that we launched in March, Cardiff Women’s Aid have launched Move in May for CWA! This is an active way for you to Rise and Take action to support our cause, by moving and raising awareness to create real change for women and their children who have experienced abuse in Cardiff.

With the Rise and Take Action campaign, we are seeking to raise funds to sustain the work of our crucial Women's Centre services.


Women Lead YYC

Women lead YYC is a program designed to support women who want to lead, influence or participate in collective action in order to improve their communities.

Discussion groups on social issues

Through our Social Issues discussions, we work to provide a space where women can openly explore different social issues that affect our communities, including by learning from those with expertise or lived experience of the issue and by engaging in conversations with facilitators and each other.

Ask me Ambassadors

The Ask Me Ambassador scheme aims to create spaces within local communities and businesses where women experiencing domestic abuse can safely tell someone about it and seek help. The scheme trains ambassadors who can work in their communities to break the silence, start conversations and take disclosures of abuse


Volunteers play a crucial role in the support we provide to women who experience violence and abuse. This is especially true when women are trying to rebuild their lives and develop or redevelop self-confidence, esteem, friendships and community.

Education and Prevention of VAWG

Our goal is to change the way society thinks about, talks about and responds to all form's of violence against women. We deliver training such as violence against women awareness, and bystander intervention.

Campaigns and activism

We offer the opportunity for women to engage in a range of campaigns and activism from the global #MeToo to the local #IStandWithSurvivors or #StudentSafetyMatters

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Women's Centre online

Due to Covid restriction we are delivering all our activities, including our survivor network, solely online using our online platforms.

We are also about to launch our mobile app which will also offer more social connections and access to more information and advice.

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