Your journey to well being, empowerment and personal development starts here
Cardiff Women's Centre


If you are experiencing any form of violence against women at the moment and need help please go to our service delivery website

Well being

This is where you will find our recovery and therapeutic services to help you find and increase your well being and all the benefits that will bring for you

Personal development

Empowering you to take control of your life, rebuild, renew and live up to your full potential

Our Direct  Services

You can find crisis support and help through our new service RISE-Cardiff

This is also where you can access refuge and supported accommodation. 

If you are experiencing or at risk of any form of violence against women including domestic violence/abuse and sexual violence/assault go to our sister website or access all the services through the same phone number 24/7


Our well being services

We all need to look after ourselves but all too often our energy is spent on other people, or we may be struggling with issues in our personal life that just take all our strength and energy. 

Time and space to heal our inner wounds, have space to think about what we need and how we want to live our lives, help to find a path to a healthier future seems like an impossibility.

But it is exactly what you need to do to cope and deal with all the other things going on in your life. 

So let us help.  Even if you've only got an hour a week, we can help you start mapping out your personal journey to the future you deserve.


Your personal development

After experiencing crisis or trauma it's even more important to spend time on you,  to find out who you are and who you want to be. 

Abuse, coercion and control leave long lasting damage.  Scars that can't be seen and their effects may still control our future until we start to heal them.

Even if you've been fortunate not to have had major trauma in your life so far, as a women we know there are extra challenges for us.  Barriers we may have internalised that stop us reaching our full potential.  

Check out the activities we can offer to make sure you can chart your own path to the future you want.



We are also here for community development - if you are a group or organisation that is working to end violence against women & girls, gender equality or women's human rights, contact us
Supporting activities that will deliver true equality and women's human rights - we also advocate for an end to violence against women and girls in Cardiff and around the world

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